A Major Spooky2 Boost -JOAN RIVERS are you listening??

Published on August 8, 2014 by Spooky2 Videos

A Major Spooky2 Boost -JOAN RIVERS are you listening??

Spooky2 transmission of frequencies to your DNA has major healing & regeneration and anti-aging potential and even reverse aging potential. New technology is coming out that should vastly improve the effectiveness of transmitting healing frequencies via quantum entanglement. What this may mean is that DNA repair, various essential oils, healing vitamins and and even hormonal balance frequencies may be transmitted to a user at any time or nay place on the planet. The original purpose is to be an experimental healing device but there is vast potential for anti-aging and reverse aging also. Such new extremely affordable technology should not just be known to the masses but also those who have a very keen interest in ageless beauty such as Joan Rivers and Gloria Vanderbilt.


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